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Inessa GALANTE (soprano)

CARMINA BALTICA is a new private Latvian-Swedish recording company. General producer Gunnar Ljungdhal (Sweden) and executive manager Inna Davidova (Latvia) established the company to promote records of the Baltic musicians and foreign ones, who work actively with the Baltic concert agencies and opera theatres.

As the first singer to record CARMINA BALTICA has chosen Inessa Galante. The disc was released in cooperation with CAMPION RECORDS (UK). Since 1989 Inessa Galante has been its star, having 9 CDs under the CAMPION RECORDS label (she was also awarded Gold, then Platinum discs for the continuing sales of her CD Debut, released in 1995).

This CD was recorded in January 2003 at Riga Recording Studio Latvia with the participation of Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and Choir of the Stockholm School Riga, conductor Terje Mikkelsen (Norway). Engineer Kârlis Pinnis.

The disc got the GRAMOPHONE editor choice (October, 2003).


Latvia has many talented musicians nevertheless Vestard Shimkus excels among the young pianists more than anybody else.His performance attracts with the strength of his personality and a unique, individual way of thinking. His virtuosity echoes the golden age of pianism - the age when Liszt and later Busoni, Rachmaninov, Horowitz reigned on the stage. Virtuosity is not an end in itself for Vestard Shimkus. He finds a deeper essence in it - a virtuoso for him is a knight with high ideals. But the most important thing is that Shimkus' performance radiates the charm of a great talent.Musicians of such talent are born rarely. Vestard Shimkus develops very rapidly. Tomorrow he will already be different … And sometime in the future we will proudly say: “We heard him when he was young!”

Olga Petersone

Such stars as Gidon Kremer, Inessa Galant, and other music celebrities meet together in one constellation, in one booklet – at your home!

This booklet isn't just an excellently printed issue for a special occasion, but that is a beautiful moment, where readers may be dwelling on. That is a page of the Riga's cultural history, the incomparable melody of this old city, its musical memory. The booklet is a wonderful present both for a highly refined musical art expert and for a simple lover of music. It would be interesting for any admirer of the art of these remarkable musicians, who have hold Riga in their memories as a unique town all over the world. The booklet is supplemented with the rare records from the found of the Latvian Radio, which are collected on a compact disc.

ANTONIO VIVALDI Le Quattro Stagioni /The Four Seasons 

(Yeugenia Lisitsina’s arrangement for organ)

Yeugenia Lisitsina plays the organ of the Riga Dome Cathedral

This CD is a rarity. In 1978 the organist Yeugenia Lisitsina arranged Vivaldi’s concerts The Four Seasons for organ.

Times out of number Yeugenia Lisitsina performed the arrangement of the "Four Season" in the Riga Dome, in the former USSR and abroad.

Where does the secret of the arrangement’s success lie? On the one hand, it may be found in its stylistic clarity. On the other hand, the organist has revealed intuitively the possibilities of the instrument. The organ’s several manuals present as if several layers, providing a possibility of using the main, the more sonorous, manual for the orchestra, leaving the side manuals for the soloist (in our case it is the violin). Thus, by juxtaposing groups of registers, Yeugenia Lisitsina emphasized the competition between the soloist and the orchestra. At the same time the rich timbre of the organ and the refined registration made it possible to beautify the sound landscapes created by Vivaldi, who was a genuine painter in music.

The "Four Seasons" arrangement for organ reveals the truly cosmic scale of this music! 

The finest pearls of Italian baroque presented by remarkable Latvian musicians.


Giovanni Battista Pergolesi- STABAT MATER

Alessandro Stradella -PIETA SIGNORE

Antonio Vivaldi- STABAT MATER

The faculties of Vivaldi and Pergolesi as violin virtuosos have left an impact upon their compositions, where it wonderfully entwines with deeply felt vocal parts and the message of the text.

            The album also includes one of the most famous compositions Pietà Signore by the Italian composer Alessandro Stradella (1644-1682). Though the lifetime of Stradella was the 17th century, as to his improvisations and compositions he belongs already to the 18th century

For the first time in history!

Mozart’s Requiem for four singers and an instrumental ensemble!


W.A. Mozart– Requiem

(arrangement Andres Mustonen)


Soloists: Inessa Galante (soprano), Antra Bigača (mezzo soprano), Viesturs Jansons (tenor), Egils Siliňđ (bass)

REQUIEM is Mozart’s last work, created under very weird circumstances. The mysterious story about its creation, the early death of the composer, followed by the disappearance of his grave, contributed to Mozart becoming a legend since 1791.


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